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Colorado, Alaska, Montana and Belize fly fishing vacations. We pair up exceptional guides and lodging for the best fly fishing vacation.


Frying Pan River-

In 1968, construction of the Ruedi Dam was completed in a high valley on the Fryingpan River. With the completion of the dam, 14 miles of tailwater trout fishery were born. Today this stretch of the river is considered to be some of the finest trout water in the West.
Renowned for some of the most prolific insect hatches of any western water, the Frying Pan is a year round fishery that provides some of the most varied angling opportunities throughout the entire year.  Anglers can fish size 12 Green Drake through the summer, Blue Winged Olives in the Spring and Fall and have exciting Midge fishing through the winter months!
Being a tailwater fishery the Frying Pan also adds the excitement of large, (in excess of ten pounds), Mysis Shrimp fed fish within the first mile of the spillway!

Roaring Fork River-

The Roaring Fork River is a freestone river that has many different faces as it travels throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. It originates on Independence Pass and culminates at the confluence with the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs.
One of Colorado's premiere trout fisheries.  The river offers a variety of water types for the angler.  From tight canyon pocket water in the upper river to the exceptional float fishing streches of the lower river, there is always new water to explore.

More in fishing the Roaring Fork River

The Crystal River-

The Crystal River river offers a spectacular setting as it flows down the Crystal Valley and enters the Roaring Fork in Carbondale.  From its reaches, the river winds down the valley offering easy access, eager trout and mountain whitefish.  Good numbers of rainbows and browns with the occasional cutthrout or brookie!  Great for younger anglers and new comers, the Crystal is not to be overlooked!
The Crystal River is one of the last free-flowing rivers in the west, tumbling more than 35 miles through scenic terrain to join the Roaring Fork River two miles below Carbondale.

Colorado River:

The "mighty" Colorado is one of the most varied rivers in the state. Although most people think of the lower section of the river which is famous for its whitewater opportunities, the Colorado actually starts out rather small. Although normally thought of as a destination for whitewater sport, it can fish exceptionally well and gets relatively little pressure.


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